Consulting & Practice Management 

A physical therapy practice, or any business for that matter, is like an orchestra. Every staff member has an instrument to play for the performance to be a success. When one is out of tune, it can ruin the performance and the same can be true for the practice. Our services help you become the conductor, so to speak.  

We will help you:

  • Make small changes for big results
  • With issues you may not even know you have
  • Overcome obstacles for success
  • Exceed your goals and thrive


Wouldn't it be nice to have a trusted advisor who has 20 years of experience helping PT and OT practices reach their potential? That's where we come in.

We'll help you avoid costly mistakes, make informed decisions, and crush your goals!

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Practice Review / Analysis

Let’s get to the nitty gritty. A practice review begins with a discussion. Once we have the basics, we’ll grab some data from your EMR. And then we study and analyze the raw data.  We’ll identify trends in top performance areas, find areas where you’re excelling, identify areas which may need some help and advice, and then present it to you in easy-to-understand reports. From there- we offer solutions.
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Establish Key Performance Indicators

We help you identify key performance indicators for overall success. From there, we create accountability stats for some or all your employees. Then we show you how to introduce the KPI stats to your employees, how to help them achieve and exceed the goals associated with the stats, and finally, how to manage the data generated from the stats.

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Stats and Accountability

There are a lot of reasons why accountability is so important. Accountability helps focus your staff and distracts from unproductive behavior. When you hold your staff accountable for what they’re supposed to be doing to impact one or more key performance indicators (KPI), it will breed trust among the team. It will help employees learn to depend on each other. In addition to all those positive things, it will also increase your revenues.

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Staff Training

We offer customized training for your staff in whatever areas you need. Front desk, billers, clinical staff, and clinic directors every person has a role and a part to play in your orchestra. We’ll train your staff on all the details and tips involved with meeting the goals for their role, how to be accountable to promote growth, and how to be on a team that moves toward one goal- practice success.

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Data Management

The key to determining if your marketing is working- is data.  Data is also the biggest tool you can utilize to make sound decisions to help you meet the goals for your practice.

That’s why ARMS offers custom cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  We call it Vision and it’s built on the Salesforce platform.

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