The first thing we do is help our customers get maximum reimbursements for workers comp and auto claims.

ARMS is a third-party administrator (TPA).  That sounds a little intimidating, right? There are all kinds of TPAs. All of them are state licensed. Some manage administrative tasks for employer groups, or retirement funds. But, in health care, TPAs can also process claims.

Here’s where we are different.

• Our customers are PROVIDERS, not insurance companies, like most other TPAs Physical and Occupational Therapy clinics are our customers.  We make sure you are getting properly reimbursed for the work you do, without random discounts that can dramatically reduce your billed charges.  
We staff people who know the insurance company tactics and how to combat those tactics.
We have developed a complex chain of software into a user-friendly billing platform we call Boost.  
We are government licensed to process claims and we do it while fighting for every dollar for you, the PROVIDER.
We only make money when you make money.
We know this process works.  That’s why we do NOT require a processing contract.  When our customers see the higher reimbursements, they just keep sending claims (after the happy dance.) 

Now that you have more money coming in, we can help you use it to get more referrals.  How?  Amping up marketing and data management.