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We are the business that insurance companies don't want you to know!

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What separates the hyper profitable physical therapy clinics from those running “enough to pay the bills” PT clinics?

It’s rarely quality of care.

It’s maximizing reimbursements without PPO discounts or repricing and then using that extra revenue to amp up your business using strategic marketing solutions and data management.


Start Boosting ProfitsToday!

Advanced Rehab Management Services has helped dozens of physical therapy clinics transition from great, well regarded practices to highly profitable, expert revered, referral generating top tier practices.

Could you be the next?

We’re selective. We may be a match if your practice is:

• Well established.
• Currently using some marketing and advertising to increase brand awareness and referrals.
• Has an excellent reputation among patients and referral sources.
• Is in good standing with Medicare and other major insurance payors.
• Looking to increase revenues, expand footprint, or build net worth to become attractive to buyers.

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Who We Are

We are the people insurance companies DO NOT want you to know!

Advanced Rehab Management Services (ARMS) is dedicated to making sure physical and occupational therapy clinics have the tools they need to be successful and compete in a changing healthcare environment. In other words, we help increase revenue so clinic owners and directors can treat patients. Advanced Rehab Management Services focuses on three key practice management areas:

1. Billing and Claims Processing
2. Marketing
3. Data Management/CRM.

We have been helping physical and occupational therapy clinics increase their bottom line for over 15 years.

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What We Do

Maximize Reimbursements

The first thing we do is help our customers get maximum reimbursements for workers comp and auto claims. 

ARMS is a third-party administrator (TPA).  That sounds a little intimidating, right?  There are all kinds of TPAs.  All of them are state licensed.  Some manage administrative tasks for employer groups, or retirement funds.  But, in health care, TPAs can also process claims.  

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Strategic Marketing Solutions

It used to be that you could hang an “Open for Business” sign on your door and the patients would come rushing through.  Unfortunately, those days are over.  It’s not enough that you know you’re better than the competition.  You need to prove it and make it known! 

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Data Management/ CRM

The key to determining if your marketing is working is data.  That’s why ARMS offers  custom cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  We call it Vision  and it’s built on the Salesforce platform.

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"Since using the strategic marketing services at Advanced Rehab Management Services, our practice has increased new patients 23%.  I highly recommend."

Linda C.

"The Vision CRM is a game changer!  I can’t say enough about it.  It has helped me know when to market and who to market to.  It shows me what marketing is working and what is not.  And it shows me trends happening in the practice before the management team notices.  It’s made a huge difference."

Julia M.

"Patient mailings are a breeze with Vision.  ARMS has helped me create a never-ending stream of patient referrals.  It’s made a huge difference and gave me control over referrals."

Allison W.